The Importance and Benefits of Ortho Screening in Children 

Oral health problems can arise due to crowded teeth and jaw alignment disorders. When your teeth and jaw do not align it leads to malocclusion that can strain your TMJ (temporomandibular joint), alter your facial profile, and narrow your airways. 

Crooked teeth and jaw disorders can negatively impact your oral health and smile. However, you can keep an eye out for such problems through a Denver, CO dentist, who can determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary. 

Understanding ortho screening 

Ortho screening is a visual examination of the oral cavity in a child to ascertain whether there are any occlusal abnormalities. This should usually be done when the child is around the age of 6 or 7 when the permanent molar erupts. A dentist usually requires a tongue blade or an orthodontic ruler to screen the oral cavity. 

Early signs that indicate the need for ortho screenings

Your child may exhibit some signs that necessitate an ortho screening. These include:

  • Early or late exfoliation of the teeth
  • Thumb-sucking habit
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Misplaced or crowded teeth
  • Blocked teeth
  • Improper bite

Early ortho screening recommendation for your children

Early ortho screening can help the dentist to detect any dental problems in children sooner than later. These screenings can significantly enhance the quality of life. 

It is beneficial to avail orthodontic treatment at a younger age since teeth alignment can happen smoothly when compared to older individuals. Orthodontic treatment could be in the form of braces (for teeth alignment) or palatal expanders (to create more room to correct crowding of teeth). These treatments allow the permanent teeth to erupt appropriately, helping avoid extensive treatment later on. 

Another benefit of ortho screening is to identify any jaw-related abnormalities during childhood since it is a phase of active growth. Early diagnosis of dental problems at this stage can lead to tremendous outcomes. This helps to avoid surgery during the teen years when it becomes the only possible treatment. 

Performing ortho screening

Orthodontics can solve almost any occlusion and jaw-related issues. Wearing elastic bands, clear aligners, or palatal expanders can greatly improve the facial appearance leading to a beautiful smile. 

This commitment involves following proper oral hygiene practices, good patient compliance, and regular follow-up visits. 

Bottom line 

Ortho screening should be mandatory for young children since dentists can detect occlusal or jaw abnormalities early. This reduces or eliminates the need for more invasive or complicated treatment in the future.