Is THC an Anti Inflammatory

Medical marijuana is able to target inflammation via the endocannabinoid systems:

THC and CBD, which are cannabinoids, trigger immunosuppression. This is caused by the natural process of cell dying called apoptosis. It can reduce the body’s natural production of chronic inflammation by causing apoptosis (e.g. in T-lymphocytes or macrophages).

THC reduces inflammation by inhibiting immune signaling proteins, also known as cytokines. White blood cell reproduction and immune responses are affected by cytokines. This causes inflammation to slow down around and within cells. THC reduces inflammation symptoms and inhibits inflammation. The body is actually attacking itself and causing inflammation.

Important to remember that cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties work by triggering a range of immune symptoms related to the ECS. It all depends on what type of inflammation you have and where it is occurring in your body.

CBD Oil for Inflammation

CBD oil and CBD-only products are an option for patients concerned about being impaired by marijuana. CBD oil is non-toxic, counteracts some effects of THC, and regulates pain perception as well as inflammation.

CBD could be helpful if you have other symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. For more information, see our CBD guide.

Understanding that not all forms of persistent inflammation are caused in the same way is crucial. As each condition is different, we recommend that you seek qualified cannabis recommendations. Cannabinoids have not been clinically proven to be effective in treating inflammatory conditions.

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