Exercise After Bariatric Surgery: Plans and Workouts for a Healthier Life

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to significantly reduce body weight, allowing individuals suffering from obesity to improve their health. However, it’s important to know that this procedure isn’t a magic pill; there is still a lot of hard work involved in the recovery process. In this article, we will explore the different types of exercise plans and workouts that can help you achieve optimal health after bariatric surgery.

Getting Started with Exercise Post-Surgery

Before starting any kind of exercise after bariatric surgery, it’s important to first consult with your doctor in order to receive a personalized plan that best suits your needs. It is typically recommended to wait at least a few weeks after the surgery before beginning any exercise program. Additionally, start with low levels of intensity and frequency in order to avoid overworking the body while it is still recovering.

Low-Impact Workouts

People who have recently had surgery should focus on low-impact bariatric exercises, such as walking and swimming, which are less likely to cause injury or soreness than higher-intensity workouts like running or weight training.

Low-impact aerobic activities can be done for longer periods of time and will help with increased cardiovascular health as well as flexibility. Some examples include biking, walking around the neighborhood, or using an elliptical machine.

Strength Training and Core Work

Strength training is essential in order to restore abdominal muscle strength, which is often lost during surgery. It’s important to focus on form and proper technique when lifting weights in order to avoid any injuries or strains.

Moreover, core exercises, such as bridges and planks, can help with overall stability and posture while helping build a strong base for further activity progressions.


It’s also important to incorporate stretching into your daily routine after bariatric surgery, as it can improve flexibility while reducing tension all throughout the body. Stretching helps maintain a healthy range of motion in the joints, allowing for greater success with more intense activities. Before engaging in any strenuous activity or exercise after undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexico, it is recommended to consult a professional.

Wrapping Up

Incorporating exercise into your routine is crucial for achieving long-term success in losing weight after bariatric surgery and maintaining good health. It’s important to start slow and gradually increase your activity level as you get stronger. Low-impact workouts, strength training, core work, and stretching are all essential components of a successful exercise program after bariatric surgery. By following a well-rounded exercise routine, you can improve your physical and mental health, increase your metabolism, and boost your weight loss progress. Remember, consistency is key to achieving your weight loss goals. Thanks for reading.