Is Glycerin Halal? How To Know Whether It’s Purely Vegan?

Glycerin, a diverse component, finds extensive use in products ranging from the cosmetic to food industries. Given that some food products contain glycerin, you might be wondering “Is glycerin halal?” Whether or not glycerin contains purely plant-based ingredients depends on its source. Currently, you will find glycerin in a number of products like shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving creams. Therefore, it pays to understand whether or not it is halal.

So, let’s discuss the source of glycerin in detail. This way, you will get to know whether it is safe to use.

What is glycerin?

Also referred to as glycerol and glycerine, glycerin is an organic compound derived from both animals and plants. However, reputed manufacturers sell vegetable glycerin online, which is derived purely from plants. Glycerin is a polyol compound, and tastes sweet. It is a colorless and odorless compound that you can find in a plethora of products.

Compared to sugar, glycerin contains a greater number of calories. In fermented foods and beverages, it occurs naturally. Besides, it is found in wine, honey, beer, and vinegar. Besides, glycerin is commercially produced through yeast, starch, oils, sugar, and fats.

What are the uses of glycerin?

Food products and drinks extensively contain glycerin. Energy bars and beverages also contain this compound. Besides, food products like creams, chewing gums, soft candy, marshmallows, and dried foods contain glycerin. Even sweet treats contain glycerin as a topping at times.

Since glycerin is present in several food products, it pays to understand whether or not it is vegan or halal.

Is glycerin a purely vegan product?

Well, this largely depends on how glycerin is sourced. Although some types of glycerin are obtained from animals, you can even purchase purely plant-based glycerin. It’s recommended not to purchase glycerin produced from animal fats.

So, if you are willing to use vegan glycerin, make sure to check the label before you purchase it. Some sources of plant-based glycerin are canola, corn, soybean, palm oils, and coconut. It’s recommended to scrutinize the list of ingredients before purchasing glycerin online. If it’s derived only from plants, the glycerin would be halal.

Is glycerin completely plant-based?

Yes, glycerin is mostly plant-based. However, some animal-based glycerin is also available, which you need to refrain from purchasing if you are vegan. Plant-based glycerin is safe to use. In general, vegan glycerin is sourced from coconut, palm, or soy oil. While many users don’t like glycerin obtained from palm oil, other sources like soy and coconut are ideal.

How to know if your glycerin is vegan?

Now that you are willing to purchase glycerin online, there’s only one way to know whether the product is purely vegan. Carefully check the product label for the ingredient list provided by the manufacturer. Reputed sellers don’t include animal fat as an ingredient in plant-based glycerin. This type of glycerin is completely halal and safe to use.

You may also contact the manufacturer to know whether they sourced the ingredients solely from plants. Established manufacturers even use vegetable glycerin in the packages. Make sure to purchase vegetable glycerin from a trusted website to make sure it’s halal.