All You Need to Know About Nutrition Facts of Chicken Breast

Eating healthy food items is becoming a concern for many people. We all know that the secret to a healthy life is related to what you eat. In this era, many people are now educating themselves on which food items are beneficial and which they need to skip. Know that it is essential to give your body the required calories and nutrients for the day. When you eat a healthy meal, you can become more active and energized. Even when you lose weight, you have to consume a minimum number of calories. It is better to replace your junk food with something healthier and full of nutrition.

One of the popular food items is none other than chicken. Chicken is the one item that many people like to consume. Our many top recipes include chicken as the main ingredient. You can find many cuisines that add chicken to different forms of sauces, curries, and meals. That is the main reason why you can find chicken easily. You can opt for the fresh meat or frozen one from a double door commercial freezer. In addition to being a delicious item, chicken is also easy to cook. It does not require plenty of time for cooking. Besides, chicken is a source of lean protein for your body.

The chicken comes in various cuts. The cuts will include thighs, wings, drumsticks, and breasts. Know that you can also go for with bone or boneless chicken. One of the yummiest and healthiest cuts of chicken is the breast piece. It is a fact that breast piece is the prime source of consuming lean protein from chicken. But being a delicious item, is it healthy? Well, the answer to this question is yes. Chicken breast piece is full of nutrients that can help you in various ways. Below is a list of some nutrition facts about chicken breast. You can read the facts and benefits to know more.

The total amount of calories:

A chicken breast piece is a single piece in every whole chicken. During the buttering process, the butcher can divide it into two parts. This way, you will get two pieces of chicken breast in every whole chicken. Know that chicken breast piece is boneless. The total calories in the one potion are approximately 110 to 164. The amount will vary on how big or small is the chicken breast piece. For example, an 85 g of chicken breast piece will have 128 calories.

Other nutrition facts about the chicken breast:

The number of fats in the chicken breast will also depend on the size of the piece. Know that an 85 g piece of chicken breast will contain 3.1 g of fats. The amount of sodium in an 85 g piece of chicken breast will be around 62.9 mg. you can get 26 g of protein from an 85 g of chicken breast. The good thing is that there will be no sugar content in the breast piece. The above facts are for skinless chicken breast. If you keep the skin on, you will consume extra fats, calories, and sodium.

There is no doubt that poultry is a beneficial source of lean protein. Below are some health benefits of eating chicken breast pieces.

It can give strength to your bones:

Health experts believe that eating these rich protein items can help you build strong bones. You can reduce the risk of bone diseases by eating the chicken breast piece. It is essential to consume an appropriate quantity of protein to keep yourself healthy.

Maintain your muscle mass:

Another benefit of consuming chicken breast pieces is building muscles mass. The chicken will help you maintain your muscle mass. You will get a significant amount of vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and zinc. Eating chicken will help you protect your muscles.