Dental Care Tips for Athletes to Keep Their Oral Health Intact!

Dental health is necessary for everyone with teeth, But when an athlete is in question, he must keep his dental health up to date as he is overly exposed to dental injuries on the field, especially when he plays extreme sports. Here are some tips for them to keep their dental health in check by Lakewood Ranch dental care.

Tips to Remember 

  1.  You must stay hydrated, But you need to stay away from sports and energy drinks, which are unusually high in sugar and acidic value, Which directly cause tooth decay and various infections. Water is the best option in this situation as it will wash off harmful bacteria and keep you hydrated for a long time.
  2. You should choose a diet that helps you keep your oral health intact. Fruits and vegetables will strengthen your teeth so much, and they also have other essential nutrients for your body. 
  3. If you are a part of contact sports like football, hockey, and martial arts, You should protect your teeth by using a mouthguard as they are comfortable to wear and also protect you from dangerous injuries while playing sports.
  4. Athletes especially have to maintain regular oral hygiene like anybody else. So they can eat more, get stronger, and smile more beautifully.
  5. You really need to avoid grinding your teeth. Humans tend to grind their teeth when they are nervous or under pressure, And athletes are constantly under pressure while they are on the field, so they need to take extra care of it.
  6. You should seriously avoid sweet food and drinks and foods with high acidic value as they both corrupt dental health rapidly. Even if you eat it, Rinse your mouth correctly afterward so water can reduce acidic values from your teeth.
  7. Athletes are known to consume more alcohol and are more prone to use tobacco to reduce their stress levels. And it is very harmful to them during their career in sports and also after in their life. Smoking harms teeth gravely by discoloring them profusely and causes burning of gums, causing infections in them. Drinking in too much quantity results in eroding teeth surface housing bacteria that turn into infections and gum diseases.

Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth is as necessary for an athlete as they maintain their body. If your teeth are in pain, You can not eat much food, which results in less strength for you in the field.

Make sure to speak to a dentist today and stay healthy orally and physically.