Cleopatra LED Mask Reviews (2024): A Legit Skincare Tool?

As a teenage girl struggling with acne, I was desperate to find something that would finally clear up my skin. When I first heard about the Cleopatra LED Mask, I was skeptical but intrigued. 

After begging my parents to let me try it, I finally got my hands on one, and wow, am I glad I did!

From the moment I unboxed the sleek, rose gold mask, I knew this wasn’t just another gimmicky skincare gadget5. The Cleopatra LED Mask has been a total game-changer for my acne-prone skin. With its 192 high-density LEDs covering both my face and neck, I felt like I was getting a professional treatment right in my bedroom.

What I love most about this mask is how easy it is to use. I simply cleanse my face, put on the mask, and tap to choose from seven different light colors depending on what my skin needs that day. The blue light has been especially amazing for calming my breakouts and reducing inflammation.

After using the Cleopatra LED Mask for just a few weeks, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin. My acne has visibly reduced, and my complexion looks clearer and more radiant. It’s boosted my confidence so much, and I actually look forward to my skincare routine now!

In this review, I’ll share with you more details.

What is Cleopatra LED Mask?

The Cleopatra LED Mask is a skincare device designed to provide professional-grade LED light therapy at home. It aims to enhance skin texture, reduce wrinkles, heal acne, and address various skin concerns using different wavelengths of light.

How Does It Work?

The Cleopatra LED Mask works by emitting specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at different depths. Each color of light targets different skin issues:

  • Purple Light (380-450nm): Promotes faster healing and reduces scars.
  • Blue Light (450-495nm): Effective for treating acne breakouts, has anti-bacterial properties, and calms inflammation.
  • Green Light (495-570nm): Balances complexion, reduces oil secretion, and boosts radiance.
  • Yellow Light (570-650nm): Flushes toxins, stimulates cell renewal, and brightens the skin.
  • Red Light (650-950nm): Stimulates collagen and elastin production, rejuvenates deep skin layers, and reduces wrinkles.
  • Cyan Light: Calms and soothes irritated skin, promotes collagen synthesis, and helps with sun damage and swollen capillaries.
  • White Light: Enhances nutrient absorption, accelerates skin tissue metabolism, and aids in wound healing and cell repair.

The mask features 192 high-density LEDs, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the face and neck. This high number of LEDs allows for more effective and consistent treatment compared to other masks that may have fewer LEDs and less coverage. The device is designed to be safe, non-invasive, and gentle on the skin, making it suitable for daily use without negative side effects.

How to Use Cleopatra LED Mask

Using the Cleopatra LED Mask is straightforward:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly to remove any makeup, dirt, or oils.
  2. Ensure the mask is fully charged using the provided USB-C charging cable.
  3. Attach the protective silicone eye inserts to shield your eyes from the bright LEDs.
  4. Place the mask over your face and secure it with the adjustable strap.
  5. Turn on the mask and select the desired light color and intensity using the touch-mode buttons located above the right eye (when looking at the mask).
  6. Use the mask for up to 20 minutes per session. It is recommended to use the mask up to 7 times per week, but each session should not exceed 15 minutes to avoid overexposure.
  7. Relax and allow the LED lights to work on your skin. You can multitask or rest during this time.

After the session, remove the mask and gently pat your skin. Apply your regular skincare products, such as serums or moisturizers, to enhance the treatment effects.

The Pros and Cons of Cleopatra LED Mask


  • Versatile treatment with 7 different light wavelengths for various skin concerns
  • Comprehensive coverage with 192 LEDs for face and neck
  • Wireless design for convenience and mobility during use
  • User-friendly interface with tap-to-change settings
  • Comes with a stylish storage case


  • Mixed user experiences, with some reporting malfunctions or lack of visible results
  • Significant customer service issues, including difficulties with communication and returns
  • Relatively expensive compared to other skincare devices
  • Some users report LEDs changing color or fading over time
  • Limited scientific evidence for the effectiveness of at-home LED devices compared to clinical treatments

Is Cleopatra LED Mask Legit?

Yes, the Cleopatra LED Mask is legitimate. The mask has been cleared by the FDA, which adds credibility and ensures safety for various skin types.

LED light therapy has been shown to stimulate collagen production and fight acne-causing bacteria.

The mask uses technology similar to that used in clinical settings, making it a more affordable alternative to professional treatments. It features 192 high-density LEDs, providing thorough coverage for the face and neck.

You can use seven different light wavelengths, each targeting specific skin concerns. The LED lights are gentle on the skin and produce no heat, making them safe for regular use without side effects.

Many users have reported improvements in skin texture, reduced acne, and signs of aging.

Where to Buy Cleopatra LED Mask?

For those wanting to buy the Cleopatra LED Mask, I highly suggest ordering from the official Cleopatra Mask store.

They often have special deals that make it more affordable. 

You’ll also get a warranty and excellent customer service when you buy from the official store.

It’s the most dependable option for anyone serious about their skincare.