CBD Legislation Around the World

CBD is hard not to like. It offers benefits like pain relief, reducing anxiety, and preventing seizures. Despite its perks, CBD is illegal in many places. This makes it tricky for anyone looking to buy, ship, or travel with it. Finding out which countries ban CBD can feel overwhelming.

Where Can CBD be Legally Purchased in the United States?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is legal in the U.S. This law took hemp off the list of controlled substances. Unlike marijuana, hemp has only a tiny bit of THC. So, it can help in the same ways as cannabis but doesn’t make you feel impaired.

Legality of CBD Around the World

With almost 200 countries worldwide, many don’t have clear rules about CBD. Laws vary, and they often change, making it hard for CBD fans. Here’s a quick look at how CBD laws can differ:

  • Open Use Laws: These countries don’t restrict CBD and let people buy it if they’re old enough.
  • Restricted Use or Medical Laws: Here, only certain people can get CBD, or only specific products are allowed.
  • No-Use Laws: In these places, all forms of CBD, whether from hemp or marijuana, are illegal.
  • Undefined Use Laws: These countries haven’t set clear rules about making or selling CBD.

North America

North America is friendly to CBD fans. The USA and Canada allow it freely. Mexico has more complex laws for CBD and cannabis.

Central & South America

Many countries here aren’t as open to CBD. Some allow it for medical reasons, but few let everyone use it. Countries like Jamaica, Colombia, and Uruguay are more welcoming.


CBD is legal across Europe, but some countries are still figuring out what cannabis products are okay. Germany and Switzerland are moving towards regulating recreational marijuana. 

Countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Sweden have open-use laws for CBD.


Africa has fewer rules about CBD. It’s not as common there, partly because it’s hard to get imported cannabis products. South Africa is more open, while places like Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria have stricter laws.

If you’re interested in CBD, always check the laws in your country first.

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