4 Compelling Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds

Photoperiod cannabis plants require a lot of sunlight to go into the flowering stage and produce huge flowers. On the other hand, autoflowering cannabis plants do not require too much light to start producing big colas. They also grow much faster than photoperiod plants and can complete their entire life cycle within the time a photoperiod plant completes its vegetative stage. 

Many home growers prefer using Autoflower Weed Seeds, as they are usually easier to grow. There are several benefits of growing autoflowering seeds, some of which are listed here. 

  1. Great for indoor growing 

Many home growers prefer to grow cannabis indoors to avoid any unwanted attention from outsiders. Autoflowering plants are perfect for indoor growing, as they are much shorter in size and much easier to grow. 

Autoflowering plants grow to about 20 to 40 inches tall. So, you can grow them on a balcony, a small room or virtually anywhere in your house. Since they are not too demanding, you can easily grow an autoflowering plant, even if the conditions are not completely ideal. 

  1. Fast harvest 

If you are an impatient grower, autoflower weed seeds are the right choice for you. Autoflowering plants go through the vegetative state in less than four weeks, and they start to flower automatically without being exposed to sunlight. They complete flowering in another three to four weeks, and you can harvest your cannabis flowers right afterwards. 

When you use autoflower weed seeds, you can have multiple harvests each year, as each harvest takes only about seven to eight weeks. 

  1. Resistant plants 

Autoflowering plants are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and adverse environmental factors. These plants do not have too many needs, and you can grow them easily regardless of the situation. 

You do not have to worry about autoflowering plants if it gets too cold because they are quite resistant to extremely cold temperatures. You also don’t have to think about light leaks because autoflowering plants are less sensitive to light than photoperiod plants. 

  1. Can grow in less nutrient soil 

Photoperiod plants have very specific nutritional needs. Without the proper nutrition, they will not produce high-quality flowers. However, autoflowering plants can thrive in less nutrient soil. You don’t need to add any extra nutrition to the soil for autoflower weed seeds. 

When you plant autoflower weed seeds, you can use regular gardening soil.

In conclusion 

Autoflower weed seeds are suitable for both beginners and experienced growers. These seeds produce exceptionally hardy plants that can grow and produce flowers in any situation. Although the yield may be lower than photoperiod plants, the quality of the flowers is completely the same. 

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