When should you see a urologist? Here are some signs

A urologist specializes in treating conditions related to your bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra. Contrary to popular belief, urologists don’t just treat men. If you are wondering whether it is time to see a Brooklyn urologist, we have listed some symptoms and signs below.

  1. You have a urinary tract infection (UTI): If you have a urinary tract infection that isn’t getting better with antibiotics, there could be additional concerns, such as a painful bladder. Your urologist will do the required tests and check the bladder to find the possible causes. If you have interstitial cystitis (IC), you will usually need anti-inflammatory drugs besides additional precautionary steps.
  2. You have an overactive bladder: When you are unable to control your urine, it could be a sign of an overactive bladder. Urinary incontinence can happen to men and women alike, and there are medications and other surgical options to contain the condition. In case of an overactive bladder, you will also need to modify your lifestyle.
  3. You have kidney stones: There are a few notable signs of kidney stones, such as severe pain around the lower back, blood in the urine, and cloudy urine. If you are experiencing one more of these symptoms, check with your urologist for a diagnosis. Treatment options include surgery, medications, and other lifestyle modifications, depending on the size of the stones.
  4. You have signs of erectile dysfunction (ED): If you are seeing a difference in your erection or cannot hold the erection long enough for penetrative sex, you may have to see a urologist to know whether you have erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can be psychological at times, but there are other likely causes. The good news is most cases are treatable.
  5. You have pelvic pain: Pain in your pelvic area could be related to many conditions, including a painful bladder, prostate infection, bladder cancer, and kidney issues. Check with the urologist if the symptoms are persistent and seem to be getting worse with time.
  6. You have fertility issues: If your partner has been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, you may want to check whether you are the probable reason. Infertility in men is not talked about as much, and it is better to see a urologist to know for a diagnosis.

Most symptoms concerning your pelvic area need immediate attention. Don’t delay seeking treatment. You can check online for top-rated urologists in Brooklyn.