How Dental Fillings Help Improve Your Oral Health

Dental fillings are one of the simplest and most restorative dental treatments which help to restore the function and integrity of a damaged or a missing tooth structure. According to research, beeswax was used for dental fillings dating back to 6500 BC. 

Typically, the fillings are used to repair cavities and prevent further deterioration of the teeth which otherwise might result in complete tooth loss. The dental fillings will help you eliminate tooth decay, along with preserving the structure and appearance of your tooth. This will allow you to smile confidently and enjoy chewing your food as well. Without timely treatment, the dental decay will continue penetrating into the dental enamel till it reaches the innermost portion of the tooth. This portion contains blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that keep your tooth healthy as well as alive.

Here are some benefits of dental fillings:

  • Stops any cavity from growing

When you decide to get the dental fillings from one of the most reputable dental clinics like Bundoora Family Dental Clinic in Melbourne, your dentist cleans out the decayed part of your tooth or teeth. The dental professional, then, pours in the dental filling material, thus sealing the hole created by the cavity. This will protect the nerve endings in the dentine from getting exposed to the food temperatures you eat and also the acids created by the mouth bacteria. It is the exposure of these nerves that often leads to unbearable toothaches if you have cavities.

  • Strengthens fractured tooth

Dental fillings can also be used to repair your fractured tooth. Often a white composite is used for this purpose. One of your teeth can be fractured due to any oral trauma from physical activities such as an accident or sports. Your tooth can become fractured when you bite too hard things like hard candies or ice.

  • Improves tooth structure

Composite dental fillings help to improve tooth structure. Instead of a tooth being hollowed out by a cavity; the dental fillings will offer it much-needed support. As these fillings are temporary solutions, so there is no damage to your tooth at the time of application.

  • Protects teeth from decay

There can be tiny holes that develop on the teeth which are not that big to be considered cavities. But such holes tend to trap any debris and food particles. Over time, such holes would eventually lead to tooth decay. 

  • Improve the teeth’ color

Composite dental fillings are often applied to the tooth which is discolored and badly stained. Your teeth can become stained by the things you consume like red wine and coffee. Bad habits such as bruxism can even lead to your tooth losing its natural color.

If you need dental fillings in Melbourne, book an appointment with Bundoora Family Dental Clinic today. A tooth filling at their clinic can be done in just a single appointment. Remember, good oral health habits are required to be maintained on a regular basis at home, and follow-up appointments must be scheduled every 6 months.